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Dear good sir/madame,

I’m totally stressed out with the idea of having to go through an application process all over again. I really have to start working on sorting through university websites and getting as much information I needed for my postgraduate studies. I still plan on taking a Computer Science-related course but not as generic as Computer Science per se.

I really have no qualms on taking a postgraduate degree here but the idea of taking it elsewhere is exciting and at the same time, helpful. I needed to feel independent in order for me to grow. Even though our family is dysfunctional, it is typical Filipino: the kids are dependent on their parents. I guess I suffer slightly from the Peter Pan syndrome. But this idea of studying abroad might help me realize that I am not getting any younger.

I like traveling as well and so the new environment will inspire me perhaps. Plus, no distractions. *stop thinking of them hot European men!*

I went to school today to sign my work contract as a research assistant. I’ll be getting a 5-digit pay. I’m thinking of saving it up for tuition. From the looks of the digits that I saw in university sites, grad school will require me to be 7-digit poorer (in Philippine Pesos). This is why I’m not asking for a car like a typical enthusiastic graduating student/debutant would do. But career opportunities will most likely increase, perhaps the pay for those will compensate and more for the loss. :3

I’m thinking of taking up IT training or a part-time job while I wait (schools abroad usually starts on a September). I want to do some photography as well. Haaaalp!

Please visit my deviantArt! I’m trying my best to finish some of the photos here.

PS. Hi, I need $15 to upgrade this WordPress account. Please be a generous person, madame/sir. :3

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