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I’ve always been a fanatic of money-making schemes. I’ve joined several pay to visit services but of course, it gets boring eventually. I’ve seen several personal blogs wherein they get paid to blog. It inspired me to do the same. And I need a new porcelain doll.

Hence, I recently joined the bandwagon.

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My puppy died yesterday.

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Pam and I went to the Philippine Trade Training Center to set up for the DOST National Invention Contest where our team is a finalist. We went too early. Ingress starts at 9AM, we were already there at 7AM. I got home still sleepy.

Last week was both eventful and hell. Last Monday, I had a shoot with Cy at her place. We still haven’t released all the pictures but samples through Plurk, deviantArt, Flickr, Tumblr and Multiply. Perhaps, I’ll polish the pictures up while hanging out at the PTTC during the contest. Here’s one of the two samples I already published.


Tuesday, I went to school to have my TOR processed. I got to the Registrar and there was no queue. I thought to myself that it was going to be a breeze. I got to the counter and the lady told me that I still had an unsettled account. I was baffled by it. I graduated with an unsettled account? This makes no sense at all. She told me that she could not process my TOR until I’m cleared.

I went to the Chemistry Lab where I broke the test tube and was redirected to SJ508 (this was first term—it’s second term now). There was two old man and a lady manning the area. I asked about my clearance and they asked me for a receipt. I told them that I paid for the test tube already and that I showed the receipt to the lady who was taking care of our materials during our lab that time. He said I should have given it to them at SJ508 or left it to the lady technician.

This frustrates me. Nobody mentioned about going to SJ508 for this. I recall that after showing the receipt at the lady I asked if it was okay already. She just nodded at me. Now, was that my fault?

In fact, my Chemistry classmate texted me that I could not take the final exam until I’m cleared as told by our professor. I took the exam. I passed the course. I saw my grade at My Lasalle and I graduated. Unfortunately and apparently, graduation will not suffice to say that I am indeed cleared. We have all been fooled by the Apply To Graduate terms and conditions, etc.

I could not help myself from yelling at them. Why didn’t they inform me sooner about this? Do we have to wait for the receiving of diplomas and I wondering where the hell is mine?

He told me that he’s a permanent full-time employee and that he orients everyone, esp contractual workers about such protocol. OH REALLY NOW.

Because of this, I still haven’t received my diploma. My friends got their already. Gaaah. So much inconveniece for a Php18.50 test tube. It was my first and only breakage. So frustrating.

I went to Gox afterwards. I just had to chill first before continuing with such endeavor. I was crying, shouting and crumpling the papers already. It was at that moment that I’ve lose respect to my alma mater. For an expensive school, they sure do have a crappy system. I asked Rain to accompany me and he said yes.

First, we went to the Registrar and I kindly asked the lady if I could pay for both since I am going to pay anyway for the TOR. She said no. I walked out enraged.

Paid for the breakage and went back to Chemistry Lab to have my clearance. Then off to the Registrar again. Rain told me to stay outside and he’ll wait inside until I’m called. She then processed the Request For Document. It was really stupid since all she had to do was add the price and write down her name. She could have done that when I was about to pay for the breakage and not give me the TOR until I’m officially cleared.  I’m not in the mood of following protocols anyhow. It was an employee’s fault for my multitudes of inconveniences.

We went back to the Accounting office, paid then back to the Registrar. She stamped and wrote down the date when I can get my TOR (Express). Then I’m off the hellhole.

Most alumni get awesome treatment. They get the better seats at UAAP and other events as well. But all of the myths and theories have been disproved by that incident. I am still pissed and I’m not sure when I’ll get over it.

What’s annoying is I have to represent the school in this week’s National Invention Contest. Oh great. I am so in the competitive mood right now. *sarcasm*

Thursday night: Joan, Olie, Ruri, Mary, Bea, Jacob, Bea’s boyfriend and I went to El Buono for the eat all you can pizza and pasta. We had three big plate of pasta and a 22″ pizza. They also have this fish bowl-looking glasses for our iced tea. We are so coming back for more! Round 2: fight!

Friday night: it was Jonats and Igi’s birthday. We had a celebration at Dematisse. Booze and finger foods. I didn’t drink much, just half a shot of shaker.

Satuday was for the seminar I had to go at Hotel Intercontinental. Afterwards, hanged out with Nico, Dan, Joed, Kas, Kim and Sotti at MOA. Then Pete’s birthday treat with Abby, Erdex, Jeric, Janine, Chel and Miah. FAAAAT.

I need to purge.

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I’m sorry my dear bloggy for neglecting you for so long. Things just kept coming up. 😦

Let’s keep this short and simple:

  • Briane presented our thesis in the 6th NLP Research Symposium as planned. But I didn’t watch him do his thing. I was out getting reprimanded by the friends from drinking. Ugh. It was only one small cup of hot sake!
  • Don’t forget the 23rd Pacific Asia Conference on Language, Information and Computation to be held in the City University of Hong Kong (Kowloon area) on December 3-5. Watch out for Section 8B (LT-15), 14:50-15:50.
  • Of course, we graduated!
  • We won third prize in the Sibol (Student Creative Research) category of the Department of Science and Technology’s Regional Invention Contest. We are representing NCR, MIMAROPA, CALABARZON and Region III.
  • Therefore, we are qualified for the National Invention Contest to be held this month in Pasay.
  • I went to Hong Kong for Halloween weekend.
  • I’m done with IELTS.
  • Done with hoodie, sailor/pirate lolita shoots.
  • I went to Mega Masquerade—last minute! My then-flight to Hong Kong got cancelled due to Typhoon Santi.
  • I volunteered in DLSU and LSGH to help out with the relief goods. This is for the victims of Typhoon Ondoy.
  • More shoots to come! ^__^
  • And I’ll be putting up a site soon.
  • Introducing Baked Tahong Photography. :3

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Even though my research assistant contract ended last Saturday, I am still obliged to do some work for our thesis. We will be presenting our paper “Thematic Roles of Verb Arguments in a Filipino Lexicon” at the 6th National Natural Language Processing Research Symposium which will be held in school on September 25.

For that, I have to go to school later for a meeting. I also have to have my pictures taken and print and fill up the IELTS application form. I want to finish the IELTS already so I could worry about other things. For a bum, I’m quite busy. 😐

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Dear good sir/madame,

I’m totally stressed out with the idea of having to go through an application process all over again. I really have to start working on sorting through university websites and getting as much information I needed for my postgraduate studies. I still plan on taking a Computer Science-related course but not as generic as Computer Science per se.

I really have no qualms on taking a postgraduate degree here but the idea of taking it elsewhere is exciting and at the same time, helpful. I needed to feel independent in order for me to grow. Even though our family is dysfunctional, it is typical Filipino: the kids are dependent on their parents. I guess I suffer slightly from the Peter Pan syndrome. But this idea of studying abroad might help me realize that I am not getting any younger.

I like traveling as well and so the new environment will inspire me perhaps. Plus, no distractions. *stop thinking of them hot European men!*

I went to school today to sign my work contract as a research assistant. I’ll be getting a 5-digit pay. I’m thinking of saving it up for tuition. From the looks of the digits that I saw in university sites, grad school will require me to be 7-digit poorer (in Philippine Pesos). This is why I’m not asking for a car like a typical enthusiastic graduating student/debutant would do. But career opportunities will most likely increase, perhaps the pay for those will compensate and more for the loss. :3

I’m thinking of taking up IT training or a part-time job while I wait (schools abroad usually starts on a September). I want to do some photography as well. Haaaalp!

Please visit my deviantArt! I’m trying my best to finish some of the photos here.

PS. Hi, I need $15 to upgrade this WordPress account. Please be a generous person, madame/sir. :3

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